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uShine technologies prides itself on staying current with all of the latest and greatest online technologies. Our entire business runs on free to very affordable online resources and so can yours. From mobile website design, responsive website design, email marketing, to cloud storage, uShine will help you maximize your efficiency on the web without breaking the bank. Your company should not spend a fortune to have a beautiful and professional online presence.

uShine technologies is a Phoenix, Arizona based technology consulting company for small businesses. We strive to offer personalized service and one – to- one interaction with each and every customer. Whether your local or in Timbuktu, uShine offers onsite and virtual services to keep personalized customer interaction our #1 goal. Using only the latest and greatest website platforms on the market today, uShine prides itself on staying up to date on the latest, greatest, affordable and most efficient online resources on the web. We combine these resources with the best website technology to give our clients an easy to use and beautiful online presence.

Meet Jesse Clark


portrait-roundJesse Clark, a veteran high school and college teacher and Founder/CEO of uShine technologies has been in the technology industry for over a decade. Jesse has found passion in helping organizations and small businesses enhance their online presence and hires only the best professionals around to offer the best products and services for his clients. Find out what his clients are saying here.

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