According to Graphic Media, there are over 69 million WordPress (WP) websites in the world and 100,000 more are created everyday. Major companies like CNN, CBS Radio, and Forbes are using WordPress to run their websites.

I just updated my WordPress to the new and improved version 3.9 which inspired me to write about this wonderful platform I use everyday.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) or a software tool that allows you to create, edit, and publish contentThumbnail for 3542 ( This software provides easy to use plugins and widgets that allow beautiful and professional websites to be created with little to no programming experience.

Why is WordPress so popular? 

WP is used for many purposes because… IT CAN.  There is really no limit to what industry can use it. It is not just a blogging platform, which is how it started.  In fact, most websites you view online have a good chance of being WP and you wouldn’t even know it.  WP is also very user friendly with a very aesthetically pleasing  back-end editing dashboard. WP also offers thousands of plugins or features that make your website look and operate at a high level. Templates and Themes are available in free versions or paid versions that allow a user to build their site with very little frustration. WP is designed to allow your website to display videos, images, forms, and audio very easily while sharing them across all of your social media platforms.

Why are so many moving to this FREE CMS?

So obviously, WordPress being the best Website platform in the world is my opinion.  However, I have used other website builders and I continue to stand by this opinion.  Whether you have a hobby, a nonprofit organization, students, a small or large business, WP is for you.  WP makes building a website look beautiful and professional on any device.  If your visitors are wanting to find you on a mobile phone, a tablet, desktop, or laptop, WordPress can make this happen.

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